Ross Mobile Productions (RMP) is a full-service international production company. RMP offers best in class technology and workflows developed by Ross Video. As a production company that also provides technology, RMP is able to provide solutions that meet your creative, business and technical needs. eSports is a major focus for Ross MP. Below are just some of the capabilities that Ross MP can bring to your productions.

Multiple Facilities

New 35 ft Expando Truck, Mercedes Sprinters and Trailers, Fly Packs. Various Wireless Coms, Audio and Camera transmission systems to get you what you need where you need it. Fiber Multiplexing systems allowing for cleaner and more efficient setups.


Native 1080p workflows and equipment. Ross Carbonite, XPression, Mira Replay as well as a complement of Fiber-based Cameras Chains and POV cameras for any sized production.

Custom Engineering & Consulting

Cost effective scaling of technology to meet your production’s needs. RMP has a unique partnership with Ross Video, that allows them to scale up or down for each individual production. Not sure which equipment you need? RMP has dedicated EICs that can recommend the perfect solution.

Motion Robotic Dolly System

Add dramatic motion camera shots to your production with the Ross Furio which also provides full tracking capabilities for Augmented Reality and Virtual Set integration.

Graphics Design / Creation

Ross MP can create stunning graphics packages or convert an existing package built for another platform. Our graphics packages have intuitive operations, will full data integration.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Set

Bring characters or graphics into 3D space bringing new life to your brand or content. Ross MP uses the Ross Virtual Solutions end to end system leveraging the UX Control system for tracking data, XPression and Motion robotics.

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and custom CMS nitration. Cloud-based Inception Social System allows full content discovery, Feed and Campaign management with moderation and approval workflows. Outbound publishing and polling capabilities to better your promotion and Sponsorship engagements.

Broadcast / Live Stream and Full Venue LED Production

Not only can Ross MP handle your full production, but we also do complete site surveys at your Venue location where we evaluate and create a system to handle Video playback on every pixel of LED in the venue (Main Displays, Fascia, Ribbons etc.) utilizing XPression Tessera.

Download a copy of our 1080p Capabilities

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